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Good luck! Do I need to downlode a decoder softwaee? I love it!!!!! This was not possible with earlier versions of iMovie. Thought you might want to pass that on to your readers.

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Как скачать imovie siqiwysuvexa.tk на mac os x 10.7.5 и imovie siqiwysuvexa.tk

Learn to master all your tech and gadgets! Keep up the very good work! I really do appreciate your updates. November 25, at am.

Apple offers iMovie HD 6 for free to iLife ‘08 owners

July 25, at pm. CB From Australia says:. January 11, at pm. August 2, at am. Benjamin Chi says:. Overview With an all-new design, Apple iMovie lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Version Rate this app:.

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Post review. Most helpful. Before the '08 version, iMovie HD was a great editor with an easy-to-use interface in the classic Apple fashion. Since iMovie '08, it has been utter garbage. The interface is barely more intuitable than a switchboard without labels. Still waiting for Apple to wise up and return to making powerful yet elegantly simple applications.

Ease of learning and use is what brought me to the Mac, but the lack of these elements is keeping me away from Apple's apps these days. Like Great app : 5 stars from me : Really good video editor if you don't really need something as professional as Premiere or Final Cut Pro I should mention that you should update this page, since Apple made the iMovie free for all Mac users recently, so now it's freeware : BTW I mean things like having to convert videos to that Intermediate format before editing them, which used to be very slow and used to consume lots and lots more space than an average.

Apple isn't forcing you to use each and every feature they add Objectively speaking, iMovie 10 is better than iMovie 7 or 8 and I gave you some of the reasons why It's a good app and it deserves 5 stars in my opinion :. Like 2. Fairly powerful, albeit with a weird UI. If you learn to use GarageBand, then this UI will make sense.

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Like 1. But iMovie has always frustrated me. While I'm sure it can do a lot of neat stuff, I still can't get the hang of it, and have problems with even fundamental steps, let alone advanced features. It's one of the least user-friendly apps I've encountered, and, AFAIK, there's no really good, thorough user manual, either by Apple, who should have written one their support site is almost insultingly lightweight , nor by anyone else. PS: I'd be thankful if anyone could point me to a good manual or tutorial.

What we tested

Like 5. I kind of agree. It's not very intuitive to anyone that used a Mac for a long time. I've been using them since the early 90s. But then my 12 year daughter has no problem using it! She just figured it out on her own. Already made a few cool MLP videos. GarageBand is a similar situation.

Seems slightly related to Cubase and ProTools, which I use all the time, but they hide all the advanced stuff, and some you have to find the magic handshake, like copy and pasting a Drummer track into an empty instrument track to enable editing! Latest version for iLife '11 that still runs on Snow Leopard is 9.

sitechpharma.com/wp-includes/comandare-le-luci-di-casa-con-iphone.php Latest version for iLife '09 is 8. We have a Mac Pro with iMovie